Teaser for #NaNoWriMo18 Novel: Spinal Transfer Interruption

Well, I’ve made it about halfway through.  Yay, 42000 words. 🙂
How about a teaser?

Spinal Transfer Interruption

There were no more DUIs.  No more break-ins.  No more robberies.  The implant stopped them all.  The only crimes that could still take place were those the implant AIs weren’t smart enough to see, so pretty much white collar crimes.  Faking numbers and the like.  Scams.
Your implant could work out for you.  Could make your food.  Take your dog for a walk. You’d never even notice you were doing it. You could be in your own virtual reality, writing a novel, taking part in an interactive drama, or doing your day job all at the same time.
It can control your body, freeing your brain for higher tasks.  Which is great.  Well, until someone hacks it.  Sophie, a programmer at STI, the company that makes the implant, gets assigned the task of finding the hacker.  It’s the perfect route to a promotion, at least until the hacker decides to take out the investigator.
Sophie must find a way to discover who the hacker is, before he removes her from the equation.  Her task is complicated by evidence pointing in every direction, and she doesn’t know who to trust, where to turn to.  Will she find the hacker, before he finds her?


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